Zambiricoco is a light news site that provides English and Spanish speakers with an in-depth look into Ecuadorian stories and culture. It is primarily directed at people who are keeping up with events, but would like thorough explanations of the events happening in Ecuador.


“Zambirico, zambiricoco, que tu no los ves, y yo tampoco.” Zambiricoco is — as defined by the grandmother who invented this word — a treat that cannot be seen by anyone, until it is there, in front of you, ready to be eaten. As such, the information on this website may seem by some the narration of the discovery of warm water, and maybe it is, but it is a treat that was not there until it was ready to be masticated by the reader.


Lorena Fernández is the author of 99.97% of the posts in Zambiricoco. She is an Ecuadorian journalist with degrees from the US and the UK. She has lived expat lives in a few continents, and is now happy to reporting from home again. For more information on some of her published work, please follow this annoying link.


Quito, mostly. Both the coverage of news and the reporting of the stories on this site come straight from the Ecuadorian capital. There are, however, stories about other places, whenever the contributors have visited those places.


Time at Zambiricoco is taken mostly from an Ecuadorian perspective. Sorry about that.



Please contact Zambiricoco via email at loreviva@gmail.com, or send a text message to +593 98724 8696, or simply leave a comment on our suggestions page.


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