The following is a selection of stories published online and in print, in English and Spanish, from various places in the world, written by Lorena Fernández.



Mutharika Cracks Down – The President has always rejected criticism but his reaction to recent dissent could prompt more unrest and damage national finances. Africa Confidential.

Money Ill Spent – Malawi fails to qualify for the 10th round of the Global Fund. News Africa.

What the Doctor Ordered – Link between ex-President Bakili Muluzi and Taiwanese funds. Africa Asia Confidential.

A Port With No Ships – The presidential dream of a navigable trade route to the sea will need more than a grand opening ceremony to make it a reality. Africa Confidential.

Road Builders – Japan and China both want to get their hands on Malawi’s transport infrastructure. Africa Asia Confidential.

Pre-emptive Policy – Police swooped on organisers of the ‘Big Bicycle March on the Chronic Fuel Crisis’ just before it set off in Lilongwe on 14 February. Africa Confidential.

Subsidising Politics – Maize subsidies win votes but the impact on the economy – and on agriculture – is not so healthy. Africa Confidential.

Thank You For Smoking – African producers could be penalised in talks this week on the Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (FCTC) in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Africa Confidential.

Tobacco And The Forex Puzzle – Better prices alone for the tobacco crop will not address the worsening economic crisis. Africa Confidential.

En Línea:

Turismo no Supera la Revolución en Egipto –El turismo en Egipto pierde un tercio de ganancias luego de la revolución. El Comercio.




En Tinta:







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